Nubuke Foundation at ART X Lagos 2022

12 October - 10 November 2022

Born to a family of painters and textile designers, Cecilia Lamptey Botchway is a Ghanaian - Nigerian artist versed in portraiture, performance, abstracts and textile making. Cecilia’s mixed media practice comments and challenges notions of gender roles and womanhood in society. Textile motifs feature strongly as backgrounds and the use of materials like mop wool and fibre add sculptural tactile textures that energize her compositions and yet uncover the contrast of the dark mood, versatility and self-assuredness of her subjects. There are however glimpses into Cecilia’s optimism shown with works titled- Spreading Love, Movement of Friendship, Dance of Freedom…


For the first time we present Digital artworks of award winning artist, Isaac Nana Opoku. The digital space is a natural habitat for Isaac. After experimenting with different genres, Isaac has combined his comfortable flair for technology into his practice. The digital creations reflect his desires and perhaps also that of many to escape into utopic spaces, away from drudgery and negativity. His colour palettes even though earthy still manage to convey a magnetic draw to an ‘otherworldness’. The works are part of the body of works in the series titled, ‘Spiritual Migration’- ‘an exploration of speculative realities and dreamscapes’.


Both Isaac and Cecilia are alumni of Nubuke Foundation’s YGA programme- a career development platform for young artists from Ghana. Isaac’s works are currently showing in the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale within the Ghana pavilion.