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1. Click on this Google form  to register before attending the exhibition. You will be asked for your name, contact details, and the time that you will like to see the exhibition.



1. Wear nose mask and carry 70% alcohol hand sanitiser. Your admittance will be permitted at the entrance only and if you have these items. We maintain a strict policy on 'NO MASK, NO ENTRY'.

2. Your body temperature shall be checked with a temperature gun. Folks with body temperatures exceding 38 °C shall be held in a emergency room while the health authorities are called in.

3. Proceed to the hand washing area. Wash your hand for at least 46 seconds with water and liquid soap. Wipe clean with a new paper tissue. Properly dispose your used tissue in the refuse bin.

4. Confirm your registration at the front desk and proceed to see the exhibits.


Personal Protocols as you are on the Nubuke Foundation premises:

• You are to spend a maximum time of 1 hour on the premises.
• Avoid handshake
• Avoid touching of face and surfaces.
• Maintain more than an armlength distance when interacting with another person.
• Cough into your elbow or tissue and dispose immediately.